Photos and Thoughts ~St. Beatus Caves~ Switzerland

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Nestled into the side of a mountain, overlooking Lake Thun, located at the start of the Swiss Alps; one can walk a kilometer into the flesh of the earth.

The legend goes St. Beatus came to these caves long ago, and defeated the dragon whose lair it was, before settling down here as a man of faith.

We do not oft believe in dragons and such in the modern day. Yet our existence is bit a drop. We on the surface are rather self-important. We often lose ourselves through our shared attentions. This thin atmosphere and all that is settled underneath is all that there is and all that is alive. It is humbling to often look to the stars, the vastness of which we know to be out of touch with our own situation.

Perhaps just as humbling; can be to imagine that which we live atop of all our lives – the rock of ages. The crust of our earth is 35km thick. After that, the mantle is 2855km deep. The total distance from your feet to the core is 6371km. The further us humans have ventured down is 12km. We have sent fancy cars into space and ventured out of the solar system, yet we can barely travel a few clicks down into our home.

Granted, it is built of very solid material. And once you get so far down it becomes more solid, and extremely hot. Yet it is amusing to think our entire experience is confined to the the surface of a grape, within a bowl that is incomprehensibly vast, and heavily laiden with other fruits that we cannot yet even imagine; and we have yet to even puncture the skin of our grape.

I would like to thank the Earth for doing such a solid job at supporting the vastness of the kingdoms that call the surface their home. And apologise for believing we are somewhat advanced, with all our rockets and feelings and whatnot.

Anyway, do you see any dragons?

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