Hi! I’m Sam. A 25 year old from Yorkshire, England. A lot of the time you won’t find me near home though, as I tend to wander. On this site I wish to share my travels, and some of my other pursuits – I like adventure, good food, and books. If these things tickle your fancy, you’re in luck!

In the future I wish to write some kind of book/books, involving my travels and perhaps some of my imagination and whatnot. I am going to use this platform to practice my writing style, and bounce ideas around with the feedback from online! This is just a little ambition I’ve been uncumbered with, hopefully the journey is enjoyable. 🙂

Recently, I’ve been spending time in the Arctic. As a big dog lover I took a job as a husky handler and sled guide, and spent two years in the cold! I cycled the length of the Norweigan coast and from the top of Norway down to Switzerland via the baltic. Some interesting days for sure, I’d love to share them here.

For some odd reason I’m attempting to run an ultra marathon on the 31st May. I am currently training for this is Switzerland. All is going well, not that I’ve done this before, so ‘well’ is whatever I imagine it to be.

Going running in -25°C and meeting your favorite 50kg dog who playfully mauls your eye 🙂
the best doggos <3

Dog sledding is unique, and incredible. Before that job I was a fisherman for two year in England.

Please feel free to critize & compliment anything on this site. Also, say hello via the comments and follow along with my posts 🙂

Contact e-mail: crabsamongstotherthings@gmail.com

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